1.  Who or what is Panhellenic?

Panhellenic Council is Pepperdine's governing body consisting of one representative from each chapter, totaling 7 women.  Panhellenic is in charge of promoting scholarship and health, and for serving the Greek Life and overall campus community to their best ability through various programs. Additionally, the Panhellenic Council Executive Board members ensure that recruitment is as fair and enjoyable process. 


2.  Why can’t sorority girls talk to me?

Panhellenic wants nothing more than for you to have the fairest and most positive recruitment experience possible. On that note, we have implemented rules to prevent any active sorority member from conversing with a potential new member about Greek Life prior to recruitment. This is to prevent any potential new member from perceiving to have an advantage over another. However, we understand that you may have questions, and thus we recommend that you talk to recruitment guides or the Greek Life Advisor.   


3.  Why do we have to wear special attire during recruitment?

You do not “have to” wear special attire at any time.  We just recommend you follow our general guidelines (“snappy casual”, black dress/skirt, etc.) in order to better know what to expect with the level of formality each night. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing. You will be doing a lot of standing and walking so keep that in mind when you pick which shoes to wear. The expectation is that your are polished and your personal best (whatever that means for you!). 


4.  What does “snappy casual” mean?

Snappy casual is attire you might wear if you were going out to a nice dinner with some girlfriends. Nice jeans and a blouse or a maxi dress/skirt would be examples of this. Below are some examples, but be true to your own style and level of comfort. You can also check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.


5. I heard that the girls in <insert sorority here> are all <insert stereotype here>.  How should I take this?

First, remember that there will always be variety within a group of people and there is no way a stereotype can encompass every single person let alone an entire chapter.  We understand you are most likely interested in the stereotypes to determine how you will fit in with a particular chapter, but keep in mind that you should join a sorority because you appreciate what it stands for.  The best way, of course, to determine what any group of people stands for is by asking them!  Thus, we strongly recommend approaching recruitment with an open mind. 


6.  How much time will I be expected to commit to a sorority?

Similar to college, a sorority is what you put into it.  When considering Greek life, consider what you want to get out of it.  Common reasons for going Greek are for the involvement opportunities (through social events, leadership, and service), for networks and interaction with upperclassmen, and the formation of lasting friendships.  If these are attributes you expect to achieve from Greek life then you are going to want to participate in activities and dedicate time to achieving your expectations.  This is a good question to ask chapters during recruitment, as each girl you speak with will have a different method for how she manages her time and commitment. 


7.  How much does being in a sorority cost?

Sorority dues range from $500-$700 a semester for active members, and $700-$1000 for the first semester as a new member. The first semester of sorority membership is often more expensive to pay for national initiation fees and the chapter badge. However, this often encompasses all of the events, shirts, and formal for the semester.  Feel free to ask for financial details of specific chapters during the recruitment process. If the cost is a concern, ask the chapters what types of scholarships, financial aid, and payment plans they may have available. 


8.  What should I do if I don’t get a bid?

First and for most, being a member of a sorority is not the end all be all! There are so many other opportunities on campus to be involved. Typically, Panhellenic is able to successful place potential new members who maximized their options following preference night within a Panhellenic chapter. This is due in part to the cooperation of our Rho Gammas, potential new members, and current chapter members. However, there are occasional instances when potential new members may not receive a bid. Primarily this is because of not maximizing their options, not having an open mind, or by not playing the system fairly. If a student is not offered a bid then there is the option of going through recruitment again the following recruitment cycle. Women who withdraw from recruitment or do not receive a bid often will participate in either spring or fall again after they spend some time getting to know themselves and the campus a little better. 


9. What if I accept a bid and then decide to drop before initiation?

The Pepperdine Panhellenic Bylaws and the NPC Manual of Information state that “If through the primary recruitment process or COB process a potential member accepts a bid and then has her pledge broken by an NPC fraternity or breaks her pledge, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC fraternity on the same campus until the beginning of the next year’s primary membership recruitment period.”


10. What if I accept a bid, am initiated in a chapter on-campus, choose to drop, and then be in a different chapter?

A woman who is or who has ever been an initiated member of an existing NPC fraternity shall not be eligible for membership in another NPC fraternity.